Expense management simplified

With ProSpend's advanced expense tracking software, everyone in your organisation benefits from the speed, simplicity, efficiency and accuracy of an automated expense claim and reimbursement process.

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Expenses on auto-pilot

No data entry, receipt matching and auto coding puts your expense claims on auto pilot

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Loved by users

We make it super easy for users to complete their expense reports on time with claims that build themselves, automatic expense coding and mapping, policy prompts and email reminders.

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Reduces operational costs

Time and money are wasted when working with manual processes. ProSpend's expense management software streamlines every step of the process to dramatically reduce processing costs.

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Trusted by finance

With a fully automated workflow, high visibility and finance system integration, your finance teams can stay focused on their core tasks and not the tiresome task of chasing and paying expense claims.


ProSpend's card module  leads the market for automating the entire process. 

Regardless of how your company spends, whether it's credit, business or virtual cards expense claims are created automatically, with smart coding and receipts matched.

With our local supplier status, we have the expertise and knowledge of the different card and bank feeds available in Australia.



credit cards  




All card types, all card providers

ProSpend integrates with all major Credit Card issuers for Corporate credit card management.

For companies that do not have ‘corporate’ cards, we offer a Business Card upload module with a smart coding function.

Users can import their Personal credit card statements directly into a cash claim instead of manually creating expense lines.


Daily data feeds

ProSpend receives daily automatic data feeds from all the major credit card platforms and routes the expense lines to each cardholder’s statement, which is automatically created.

Automatic coding

As soon as a transaction is made, the expense line is automatically coded to the correct chart of accounts, eliminating coding confusion or errors.

Smart receipt matching

Using our smart receipt matching technology, ProSpend automatically pairs receipts to their correct credit card purchase.

Manage bill cycles

Powerful configurations for managing bill cycles is available in ProSpend.  

With options to create weekly, fortnightly or monthly statements companies have the flexibility to manage credit card creation and approvals


Built for smarter spend control

Built to be able to cater for any expense management process with in-built business rules that automate compliance, approvals and FBT management.

Mapping & Coding

Eliminate coding confusion

Every time an employee spends, the transaction data flows in and builds hands-free expense claims with smart mapping automatically coding to your chart of accounts and smart matching of receipts.

Record any number of custom fields like descriptions, searchable projects, mandatory job codes and more with customisable employee prompts so there is no confusion or missing business-critical data.


Complex is easy for us

Every business is unique with their own spend policies, ProSpend gives businesses the ability to design custom and highly flexible approval and policy workflows.

Design multiple workflows based on multi dimensions like country level, division, cost centre, supplier, multi- step limits and more

Workflows are limitless and flexible so they can be changed as your organization’s business rules change.

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GST FBT Wizards

GST/FBT Wizards

Configurable FBT and tax wizards handle all options for Australia, New Zealand and globally.

Track FBT for 50/50 or actual method and configurable GST edit options for expense types.


Powerful split features

Employees can split expense amounts across all dimensions or launch their favourite saved splits.


Split Feature

NSWNMA tell how they totally automated their expense process

"expensemanager (now ProSpend) was able to totally automate reimbursements for our staff for fuel expenditure, corporate and personal expenses. This reduced hours and frustration for our staff with keeping receipts and filling out forms", Scott Altman, CFO

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Better control, less risks

Finance teams need visibiity and flexibility to monitor and manage spend and make changes quickly to adapt to business needs.  ProSpend empowers your people to proactively manage your business spend.

Quick split allocations

Payer rights

Even with all the best intentions for correct coding and approvals, finance teams can be the 'last check' with payer rights to return and review.


Administrator Rights

ProSpend is a a highly configurable system so businesses can adapt and scale their ProSpend platform as their use-cases and locations evolve or change.

ProSpend is a highly configurable system with in-built capabilities for single, multi-entity and multi-country.  

Administrator Rights
Audit trail

Visible compliance

A full audit trail for every transaction means compliance checking is highly visible and easy for approvers and finance teams


What our customers say

The smartest and most efficient way to manage your spend.
Join these modern finance teams that have implemented Automated Travel Reconciliation.

  • Little Starts Early Learning

    “We needed a way to show our senior leadership team that marketing was producing results, and that’s hard when your metrics are scattered. This dashboard saved the day.”

  • 7th Adventist School

    “We needed a way to show our senior leadership team that marketing was producing results, and that’s hard when your metrics are scattered. This dashboard saved the day.”

  • Montessori Academy

    “We needed a way to show our senior leadership team that marketing was producing results, and that’s hard when your metrics are scattered. This dashboard saved the day.”

Need clarification?


What is expense management?

Why is expense management important?

What is the process of expense management?

Does this work for reimbursement and card claims?

Where is our data hosted?

Can approvers and managers work remotely?

Can users only create an expense for their cost centre?

Our software allows you to give permissions to your users to allow them to submit claims for expense types available to a set of cost centres.

Can you submit claims on mobile?

With the ability to perform expense management on your mobile through OCR technology, you can snap pictures of receipts as well as create reports – all on the go!

Can we have our spend policy enforced?

One platform for all your business spend

Easily manage your spend, expenses, invoices, purchase orders and budgets all in one powerful expense management solution.