We are ProSpend



ProSpend (formerly expensemanager) creates a proactive spend culture with leading technology that supports smarter and better spend management.


With an unwavering obsession to meet our customer's needs our clients can depend on us to be a trustworthy and long-term partner. 



It’s our commitment to a be a dedicated partner that will deliver success for our clients, company, and employees; now and in the future.


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Adaptable & Proactive

All of business spend management built into one intuitively designed, cloud based, modular platform - ProSpend (formerly expensemanager) is designed for organisations that want to proactively manage business spend whilst automating and streamlining processes.
The system has been built with adaptability top-of-mind. Most businesses can benefit from the solution as is. Where businesses do require something more, our team pinpoint their particular requirements and deliver bespoke solutions.
ProSpend is a system that organisations can use today and know that it will scale with them through tomorrow.

Responsive to unique business needs

The value we bring to our customers goes beyond the product. We look after our customers ourselves, from start to finish and beyond.

Everyone on our team has a sense of ownership to our product and the decisions we make about our development and support delivery is a collaborative approach.

Our experienced team is great at translating critical customer “must-haves” into bespoke solutions so our clients don’t have to compromise their automation objectives.

It’s this passion for solving problems and willingness to customize our solution that sets us apart in the market.

ProSpend Team Sydney2
ProSpend Team Sydney3

Ambitious Trailblazers

ProSpend (formerly expensemanager) Founder and CEO, Sharon Nouh, originally sparked the business spend management space in Australia over 20 years ago.
The idea was formed to harness new and innovative technology to help businesses revolutionise and streamline their entire spend process. 
At ProSpend we value our team’s expertise and knowledge that they bring to their respective roles.
They stay connected with our customers not only when they implement ProSpend, but also as their requirements and needs change as their businesses grow.

Local - just like You!

At ProSpend we have always had a long term view about how we can contribute to our community by growing local jobs. Our contribution is to keep our support, customer service and software development at home in Australia

We know that providing great expense manager software is just the start and it has to be backed by a team of great people.

Our full local support and commitment to service excellence not only delivers our client’s vision but creates a successful ongoing partnership.

Meet the Founders

Sharon Nouh

     Sharon Nouh

      Chief Executive Officer 
Huy Do

Huy Do

Chief Technology Officer

Meet the Leadership Team

Leo Dreyer

Sales Director

Cheryl McNamara

Customer Success Manager

Carl Brooks

Channel Partner Manager

Aastha Sirohi

Marketing Manager

Yasir Khalid

Product Manager

Phillip Vella

Sr. Account Executive

Why us?

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Trusted by finance

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Loved by users

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All spend, one platform

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A modern integration platform

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Continuous innovation

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Feature-rich Modules

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Customizable and configurable

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Modern Cloud technology

One platform for all your business spend

Easily manage your spend, expenses, invoices, purchase orders and budgets all in one powerful solution.