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Foreseeing a Virtual Future With Virtual Debit Cards

With the prevalence of digital transactions, it's not hard to imagine a virtual future. Let's embrace the future of payments with virtual debit cards.

Expense Reconciliation: Meaning, Process and Benefits

Expense reconciliation verifies and matches a company's financial records against statements to ensure accuracy and consistency. Read more here.

A Quick Guide on How to Improve Accounts Payable Processes

With all the transactions a company must handle, it's essential to know how to improve accounts payable processes. Let's discuss some AP best...

Industry Focus: Finance in the Manufacturing Industry

Incorporating automation to finance in the manufacturing industry makes it easier to drive growth. With automation, you navigate challenges more...

How to Reimburse Employees for Travel Expenses

If you have employees who travel for work, you must know how to reimburse employees for travel expenses. Don’t worry–it’s not as tedious as you think.

Do You Need AP Automation Software for a Small Business?

If you're a small business owner, you probably wonder if you need AP automation software for a small business. Quick answer: It varies. Learn more...

The Hidden Cost Of Travel. And How Travel Manager Can Reign It In

Despite the popularity of online meetings, for most companies there’s still the need for staff to be hitting the road. But what hidden costs are...

Industry Focus: Finance Automation in the Hospitality Industry

Finance automation in the hospitality industry makes it easier for managers to handle operations and make decisions. Let's talk about it in this blog.

Industry Focus: Healthcare Finance Management

Healthcare finance management requires automation to streamline financial tasks. Learn about automation shaping the future of healthcare in this blog.

ProSpend Physical Card: Quick & reliable payments when you need to tap

Give your employees ProSpend physical cards with built-in spend control and security features.

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