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Reconciliation of travel bookings is seamless with our Travel Manager module delivering daily enhanced trip data directly from your travel management provider. Proven to dramatically reduce the time of travel reconciliation by up to 75%.

Daily trip data feed

Daily trip data

Receive trip details from a daily feed from your travel management company so travellers don't have to keep receipts

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Enriched data

Complete travel details are received, like booking number, trip itinerary, reason for travel and more.

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Smart matched to expenses

With robotic process automation the trip data is smart matched to the traveller and expense records


Control the hidden cost of travel

Using its smart, proprietary technology, the ProSpend Travel Manager automatically matches each transaction from the card issuer with its matching receipt generated from the TMC data, ensuring that travel related spend is fully reconciled, automatically – saving many hours each month, for many employees across the business.  

Travel Manager is also payment agnostic so whether you pay by credit card or on account your travel spend is reconciled automatically.  

Credit Card payments on ProSpend

Credit card payments

Data feeds can be set up whether your organisation pays for travel on a consolidated travel card or individual credit cards.  The trip data is received daily and matched to the travel expense line with the full trip information auto filled to the correct expense fields.  


On Account

For on account arrangements the daily trip data is used to create a travel e-claim for the traveller to submit for approval.  

Travel Management on ProSpend
Mapping & Coding of Travel Expenses

Smart mapping & Auto coding

The digital receipt is smart mapped to the traveller and the associated expense line is auto coded with the financial and trip data.  


Enriched data

Tracking codes, project codes, reason for travel or any other data can be received and auto filled.

Enriched Data of Travel Expenses
Expense Claims on ProSpend

Automatic claim creation

Expense claims are hands free with the daily trip data and receipt matching.

ProSpend can match to a credit card claim or create travel or taxi claims.  

Configuration options are available for the billing cycles to be managed weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 


Approval workflow

Multi-level approval workflows with configurable limits and company policy. On desktop and mobile

Approval workflow on ProSpend

We partner with the best

We only partner with the best and our Travel Partners are all progressive, well established and have a eye to the future with offering leading edge technology for their client that make a difference.

If you don’t have a travel management company working for you, then we can offer an introduction.

ProSpend travel partners
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Zero receipt chasing for your travellers

Travel Manager is not just a travel data feed, it’s also a Digital Receipt for your travellers.

Receipts are added automatically to their expense claim, smart matched and expense fields auto coded.

No paper, no phone, no email.

Travel claims report

Reduce the time to reconcile travel claims by 75%

Reconciling travel statements for finance teams is an administrative nightmare, but with the daily trip data from ProSpend all that is required is to run a report to the same date range and the reconciliation process is simple and straightforward.


Autism Spectrum tells of the benefits of using Travel Manager

“This has been a game changer for our travellers.  It is automation at it’s best.  Our travellers don’t have to take a photo of a receipt, email a tax invoice or create a claim.  It’s all done for them, they just submit for approval.”


Autism Spectrum Australia

What our customers say

The smartest and most efficient way to manage your spend.

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“We can now process huge amounts of travel invoices in one go and its very automated and very efficient” - Greg Browne

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“ProSpend has proven to be a valuable asset to our organisation” - 

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“Post implementation, the system continues to evolve and provide increased efficiency to our team here at ArtRage”


What our customers say

“We can now process huge amounts of travel invoices in one go and its very automated and very efficient”

“This has been a game changer for our travellers. It is automation at it’s best.”

“Post implementation, the system continues to evolve and provide increased efficiency to our team here at ArtRage”


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How secure is our data?

ProSpend recognizes that the confidentiality, integrity, and reliability of our customers’ data are important to their business operations and our own success. We use a multifaceted approach to protect that key information and we are constantly monitoring and improving our applications, systems, and processes.

Read more about our data security here

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