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Blending retail expertise with innovation in finance 

Digitally revolutionise your retail finance operations. Gain precise spend insights and analytics, ensure compliance, and counter fraud effectively.

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Simplify Expense Tracking

Simplify Expense Tracking

We provide you with user-friendly tools to effortlessly track and categorise all your retail expenses. Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and cumbersome paperwork.

Automate Expense Capture

Automated Expense Capture

Save time and reduce errors with automated expense capture. Our solution integrates with your financial software to pull in expenses automatically.
Compliance and audit ready

Compliance and Audit Ready

Stay compliant effortlessly and be audit-ready with confidence. Our system helps you maintain compliance with tax regulations and prepares you for audits.


Acrux talks about how ProSpend helps control their spend 

“We certainly have found ProSpend to be a significantly more efficient and effective approach to our purchase processing and has proven to be well worth the investment."
- Deborah Ambronsini, CFO

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Get Rid Of Petty Cash - Go Virtual (Cards)!

Leverage dimensions to efficiently label, monitor, and generate advanced reports for all expenses related to various aspects including location, department & program. This includes expenses associated with vital components such as RTO or community services.

Manage, Control & Track Volunteer Spend

Consolidate your community, donors, and campaigns in a centralised platform. Streamline donation tracking and establish direct connections between campaigns and your financial data for transparent insights into their performance.

Stay Compliant With Expense Policies

We offer a discounted price for NFPsCreate a a range of recurring purchase orders for multiple payments. Auto-deduct on receipt of invoices and a running balance is visible at the user entry level or on reporting.


Billini needed a proactive solution to increase efficiency for their finance staff

"The team at ProSpend understood our internal processes and designed the system as per our business requirements."

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Driving Transformation: Finance Leaders in Retail Evolution

Elevating Retail Excellence with Proactive Spend Management

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Minimise risk with Virtual Cards

Our Virtual cards give employees the funds at their fingertips (with prior workflow approval). Administrators can issue cards in real-time and take the worry out of personally funding expenses for their stores or handling petty cash; thus eliminating the misuse of funds.

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Manage, Control & Track Budgets

Consolidate staff, employees, vendors, suppliers- all in a centralised platform. Streamline expense and budget tracking, and establish direct connections between spend and your financial data for transparent insights into their performance.

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Expense Management Simplified

From effortless reimbursement handling to seamlessly managing card expenses and mileage claims, our solution streamlines the entire workflow, providing speed, ease, efficiency, and compliance to all members of your business.

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ProSpend Report and Track Expenses

Effortless Expense Tracking

Expense management software allows retail businesses to easily track and categorise their expenses. This feature helps in monitoring spending across various departments, projects, and categories. With detailed reporting capabilities, businesses can gain insights into where their funds are being allocated, which is crucial for budgeting and financial planning.


Hierarchy-Based Expense Approvals

Retail Businesses often have a hierarchical structure with different levels of authority for expense approval. Expense management software can facilitate customizable approval workflows that match the businesses specific hierarchy. This ensures that expenses are reviewed and approved by the appropriate individuals or departments, reducing the risk of unauthorised or unnecessary spending.

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Smart matching

Automated Data 

AP Automation simplifies and streamlines your accounts payable processes. It automates tasks like invoice handling, approval workflows, and payment processing, reducing manual work and errors. This solution saves time and resources, empowering your team to focus on strategic financial decisions. Embrace a more efficient financial future with AP Automation. 




Staff can snap receipts, code and submit expenses on-the-go. Virtual cards can be issued for work-related spend to replace expense claims, petty cash or cash advances; thus ensuring employees are not out-of-pocket.


Purchase Orders

Effortlessly request, approve, or receive POs - on mobile or desktop. Additionally, easily capture and attach photos of the intended goods for purchase, or include relevant quotes to enhance the process.


AP Invoices

Empower your finance team by providing a quick and effortless way to view and approve invoices from any location and device. Customisable email alerts ensure that Approvers stay on top of incoming invoices, minimizing the risk of overlooking any important tasks.

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The Differences of Spend Management vs Expense Management

Virtual Cards Benefits & Industry-Specific Use Cases

Inventory Management, Digital Marketing, E-commerce Returns, Seasonal Promotions - explore the benefits of virtual cards for Retail businesses & more

5 Tips for Seamless Business Travel Expense Management

5 Tips for Seamless Business Travel Expense Management

If your employees travel for work, your admin and finance team is no stranger to corporate travel management. Check out these tips on seamless business travel and expense management.

Baskin Robbins ProSpend


Learn more about Baskin-Robbins journey with ProSpend, and how ProSpend helps them better manage their business spend in this video. 


Need clarification?

How can automation benefit our retail business?

Automation can reduce manual errors, enhance efficiency, provide better visibility into spending, and save time by automating routine tasks in expense reporting and accounts payable processes.

Can the solution integrate with our existing accounting software?

Our business spend management solution offers integrations with popular accounting software, ensuring seamless data transfer and accurate financial reporting. You can see a complete list of our integrations here. 

How does the approval workflow function in the ProSpend system?

Our platform offers a simplified process of submitting, reviewing, and approving expenses or invoices, and allows for multi-level approvals. We also offer multiple legal entity support. 

Is mobile access available for employees on the go?

We understand that mobile accessibility is crucial for employees to submit expenses or approvals anytime, anywhere, and thus provide a user-friendly mobile interface.

Can virtual cards be easily issued and managed for multiple employees?

Our platform allows for easy issuance, tracking, and management of virtual cards for multiple employees, departments, or projects.

One platform for all your business spend

Easily manage your spend, expenses, invoices, purchase orders and budgets all in one powerful solution.