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Smarter, proactive virtual cards

Complete control on business spend with real-time visibility.

Instant issue Virtual Cards backed by our leading spend management solution.

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Instant virtual cards

Our virtual credit card can be issued straight away and made available instantly for your team to use through their Apple Pay and Google Wallet accounts.

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Cards for your whole team

Individual team members can have their own virtual card connected to your business account. They don’t need to use personal cards for business expenses — and you can see what they’re spending in real time.

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Cards for different needs

You can create virtual cards uniquely tailored to individual user needs. Decide which industries it can be spent on, how much can be spent, and even what currency they can spend in.


Instant, flexible and with spend control

ProSpend virtual cards are backed by our leading expense management solution

ProSpend Virtual Cards

Virtual cards explained

Virtual cards have all of the same information as a physical card - card number, CVV, expiry, the account it is linked with etc. However, instead of being printed on a card, the information is made available digitally. This allows for increased speed, security and usability.


No more wait time for a card to be issued

With our easy-to-use platform, our virtual cards can be issued, managed and cancelled instantly. The access to doing these things is controlled via simple permissions. This results in complete control over who can spend, on what and how much.
Issuing virtual cards on Prospend
Apple Pay and Google Wallet integration of ProSpend virtual cards

Use to pay easily

Once issued, the cards can be easily added to Apple Pay and/or Google Wallets for making contactless payments. They can also be used for online payments and over-the-phone transactions.


Configure and control spend

Each card can be uniquely tailored to its user when it's active, with a range of options and rules, including:

      • Spend by industry type
      • Per transaction spend limits
      • Weekly, monthly or lifetime limits
      • Active limits
      • Currency
Virtual Card controls and rules
Virtual Card approvals


Configure approval workflows to issue and control virtual cards.

Workflows are limitless and flexible, so they can be changed as your organisation’s business rules change.


ProSpend Cards

ProSpend Cards bring greater control, speed, flexibility, visibility and security to your business.
Built right into a tried-and-tested comprehensive business spend management system, you’ll have the power to issue, block, edit, track and reconcile cards instantly within the ProSpend platform - ideal for replacing reimbursement and traditional card programs.
ProSpend Virtual Company Cards
ProSpend Virtual Cards

ProTem Cards

ProTem, our Temporary Virtual Cards, are restricted to pre-approved transactions.

Ideal for ad-hoc purchases, travel expenses, projects, events and greater control in general. An employee's request for a ProTem Card can be routed through dynamic approval flows, resulting in the issuance of highly tailored cards.


Virtual cards backed by our expense management solution


Card and Reimbursements

Edit, submit and approve all claim typesp


Receipt Capture

Snap a receipt with OCR scanning for data entry


Mileage Claims

Mileage claim creation with google maps 

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Approvals On the Go

Approve or reject claims anywhere, anytime


Visible Budgets

Track spend and budgets in real-time


FBT & Split Feature

Custom fields, guest allocation and split functionality

ProSpend Expenses Mobile

Safe, secure and transparent

Companies have high control on who has a card and how it works - all backed by fraud control.

Freeze and block cards instantly

Administrators can block, freeze and cancel cards instantly.

Safer than physical cards

Virtual cards are safer than physical cards because there’s no risk of your card being lost or stolen. Virtual payment cards do not include account information, just a long number, expiry date and security code. So, it is much more difficult for fraudsters to access your account.

Fraud protected

Spend safely online without the risk of card fraud or theft. Your spending is protected by Visa, Apple Pay and Google Pay fraud systems

Eliminate credit card sharing

The days of card sharing and fraud risk are over. Issue cards for subscriptions or one-off expenses.


ProSpend company card

Need clarification?

Does this work for reimbursement and card claims?

Where is our data hosted?

What is the best use for virtual cards?

Can approvers and managers work remotely?

Our software is cloud-based, meaning you can work anywhere, anytime.

Can users only create an expense for their cost centre?

Our software allows you to give permissions to your users to allow them to submit claims for expense types available to a set of cost centres.

Can you submit claims on mobile?

Can we have our spend policy enforced?

Yes, users can be prompted of your spend policy when they are creating a claim.

One platform for all your business spend

Easily manage your spend, expenses, invoices, purchase orders and budgets all in one powerful solution.