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2018 In Review

As 2018 draws to a close, it is a time for us at ProSpend to reflect on the year, but also an opportunity to look ahead to the coming year.


As the calendar year draws to a close it is a time for us to reflect on the year, but also an opportunity to look ahead to the coming year.

It seems that 2018 was the year that the mid-market of Australia (our target market) seized the opportunity to reap the benefits of automation. Whilst this market makes up just 2.3% of all businesses, the performance of these ‘bigger businesses’ significantly affects the Australian economy. Around a quarter of the nation’s workforce is employed by one of these enterprises. They help drive growth in both jobs and the economy and to perform well these organisations need the right tools, support and environment.

We are pleased that we have been able to contribute to the success of these organisations by developing tools to make their business life easier.

New clients

In 2018 we continually competed against and won clients over the big global players and we are always immensely proud of this achievement. It validated our belief that Australian businesses value the benefits that come from buying from a local provider. Benefits like fast and effortless local implementation, live local support and access to people who are empowered to make decisions on the spot.

New features

This year was a super busy one for our developers and we introduced new features across all of our modules, like daily credit card feeds, multiple approval workflow options, a delegate workflow and line item invoice scanning to name just a few.

It also seemed this year was all about digital data with more and more of our clients taking up our digital receipt service. As well as now offering digital travel receipts direct to our user’s vault, we introduced a Travel Manager module for quick reconciliation of travel expenses for finance teams and the automatic creation of e-claims for travel as well as taxi receipts from Uber for Business


So what’s ahead in 2019? Most definitely our new look will be one of our major goals. We’ve completely redesigned the user interface to make it easier and faster for our users and this will be rolled out throughout the coming year. We will continue to develop more new features across all our modules, even more mobility with increased functionality on our mobile app and more integration with other software.

A big thank you to our existing clients and partners for your continued support to make this year a great one. We welcome on board our new clients and and we’re looking forward to getting to know you better in 2019.

Sharon Nouh

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