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New Purchase Order Module

ProSpend introduces the Purchase Order Module, streamlining organizations' procure-to-payment process in an affordable, paper-free platform.

Sydney, Australia, 20th September, 2016 – ProSpend, a leading Australian provider of expense management software, have debuted their PURCHASE ORDER MODULE. This new module developed specifically for the Australian small to mid size organisations means companies can now completely automate and make paper free their entire procure-to-payment process in one affordable platform.

Many companies do without purchase orders not because they don’t recognize the benefits and control that accompanies them, but to do it manually involves just another layer of paperwork and slows down their processes. And often their ERP system doesn’t have the functionality, or if it does its’ so user unfriendly there would be major push back from employees.

Purchase Orders can now be created within ProSpend and electronically routed for approval via flexible workflows, and once approved, are part of the ProSpend INVOICE matching process. A sophisticated automated matching process allows users to quickly process those invoices that match an existing PO, and automatically route unmatched invoices that require follow up. These controls and automated processes can save companies thousands of dollars.

“We set out to create a new module that brings to the procurement process the same functionality and ease of use that our customers have come to love. Our user friendly screens, powerful workflow options and and tight integration with our expense and invoice applications makes this an exciting new development.”

adds Huy Do, co-founder and CTO, ProSpend.

Because it’s an integrated solution, users have common dashboards and workflow, so that implementation and user adoption is quick and easy.

“As companies work to keep operating costs down, purchase orders should be an important function in expense management and by including this in our total solution offering it’s a very easy path for clients to now automate this process”

said Sharon Nouh, Founder and CEO of ProSpend.

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