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Wendy Small of Billini Shoes talks about using ProSpend for expense management and how it seamlessly integrated with their finance system.


Established in 2009, Billini is the leading Australian women’s fashion footwear and accessory brand.  Billini is proudly 100% Australian owned and run, with 13 stand-alone stores across Australia and stocked at over 500 national and international wholesale stockists in store and online.

We were looking for a system that is user friendly and would increase the efficiency of our finance staff. We were ecstatic that ProSpend (now expensemanager) managed to exceed beyond our expectations and provided us with an amazing, functional, and straight forward solution.

Easy to understand implementation process

ProSpend (formerly expensemanager) had a holistic process design which was easy to understand and implement. Our dedicated implementation consultant was very experienced and thoroughly explained the overall implementation schedule.

We were amazed on how thoughtfully each process has been designed. We were guided at every phase of the implementation. The team at ProSpend understood our internal processes and designed the system as per our business requirements.

Our users love it

The biggest benefit for us was the very intuitive user interface.  We wanted to be sure when choosing a solution that there was no user push back.

Our staff understood what to do when capturing receipts and submitting claims with just a quick user training session that was provided by ProSpend on our unique database.

So the training was relevant to our users and because the system is very intuitive with lots of prompts, they got it straight away.

Support after

ProSpend provided excellent pre and post go live support. It is a breeze to contact the implementation team and get the support. The straightforward support process allows us to focus on our business and let the professionals resolve any system issues.”

“The whole process was completed in under 6 weeks.”  Wendy Small, Financial Controller

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