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Siegmar Kahl, Head of Finance at Rema Tip Top, talks about how easy it was to integrate ProSpend with their finance system for seamless data collection.


As a global leader in repair materials, maintenance services, and products for everything tyres and wheels we understand the importance of building close relationships with our suppliers. ProSpend's local support team and Pronto integration was a key factor in our decision.
With a global footprint, We knew that the adoption of ProSpend (formerly expensemanager) would greatly assist not our end users but also our busy finance team and simplify our audit processes.

“The local implementation team and expensemanager's (now ProSpend) ability to connect seamlessly with Pronto was a key factor in our decision.”Siegmar Kahl, Head of Finance

Up and running in weeks

The implementation process was incredibly streamlined. We were matched with a dedicated implementation consultant from the ProSpend team who was able to walk us through the setup process and was available to answer any questions.

With staff based all around Australia, ProSpend's ability to run scheduled live webinars to our end users suited us perfectly and we were up and running within weeks. Being local also meant that the accounts team were able to reach out to ProSpend for support at any time we had questions both during the implementation but also once we launched the system live.

Seamless integration

Our complex Pronto setup was no challenge for the ProSpend team. They had existing Pronto integration knowledge which they were able to leverage when delivering the project. Our data is seamlessly transferred between ProSpend and Pronto with freeing up our accounts team to focus on more important tasks. Likewise, a daily credit card feed means that there is no need tofmanually import credit card data, it just works.

“expensemanager (now ProSpend) has allowed us to totally transform our expense management process and make it paper-free while also improving our spend control with increased visibility and reporting on expenses.”Siegmar Kahl, Head of Finance

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