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William Campbell Foundation

Jane Russell, Finance Manager of WCF, tells us why they love ProSpend through AP Automation, removing manual, paper-heavy processes.

About William Campbell Foundation

William Campbell Foundation is a not-for-profit Christian organisation based on the South Coast of NSW supporting vulnerable children and young people in the Shoalhaven and Illawarra. WCF provides services and programs including Permanency Support and Foster Care, Family Support Services and Clinical Services to support children, young people, individuals, and families.

Manual Processes and Excessive Paper Usage

We had maintained a manual accounting practice to manage our spend and were in dire need of AP Automation. Aside from the long and manual processes, we had managed excessive paper usage within their current AP processes, which resulted to unreasonable paper shuffling and the chance of inaccurate data. Manual approval processes had also created delays and our staff were busy chasing approvals rather than focusing on tasks that helped our organisation grow.

Now with the introduction of ProSpend (formerly expensemanager), we have managed to quickly implement an automated and customisable system with the ability to track data correctly whilst dramatically reducing our paper usage. Plus, our entire team can send approvals straight away to the right approver, who can do the approval easily on the go using their laptop or mobile.

“expensemanager (now ProSpend) has been the answer to reducing our paper usage and providing us with a customisable electronic approval system.”

Customisable Platform

One reason that played a major part in our decision to why we chose ProSpend (formerly expensemanager) is the ability to not only automate expense processes but also customise the elements that are important to us on the platform such as fields. Having the ability to customise the platform gives our users the ability to craft the system to suit our ongoing processes and in this case, ensure the required information was easily populated for important business functions such as our annual financial audit.

As a foundation, we are audited every year and a critical need for us was an application that could cover this requirement. ProSpend has an audit trail so we can track who spent what, where and why. Providing an ProSpend login to our auditors, assisted greatly in this year’s audit.

Since implementation, ProSpend has released further functionality that continues to provide greater efficiencies and improved controls.

“The system was also able to customise the fields to ensure we are receiving required information for our rigorous annual financial audit.”

Local Support and Feedback

Another reason why we chose expensemanager (now ProSpend) was the local support and implementation. Implementation was made simple and completed in just six weeks with very little requirements and internal resources from us to set up. ProSpend had created the database for us, trained our staff and away we go! Moving forward, we knew ProSpend were just one call away to speak to a local support member for any assistance.

Once we experienced the ProSpend mobile app, all feedback was happily welcomed by the team at ProSpend. They took on our feedback, assessed it and then quickly implemented the changes which included important options that affected our staff during COVID such as an option to search mandatory fields.

“expensemanager (now ProSpend) also took on our feedback for their mobile app, allowing the option to search our mandatory fields which has saved hours of time for our staff who are out of the office.”

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