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Mia Barwick, Accountant at Friends School, shares business process improvements with ProSpend and successful integration into MYOB Advanced.


The Friends’ School is an independent, coeducational day and boarding school situated in the heart of Hobart, Tasmania

We are proud of our consistently high academic results, varied curriculum and co-curricular opportunities, but we are prouder still of our students and all that they go on to achieve

The Friends’ School has a strong commitment to service, to equality of relationships and to fostering independent and creative thinking.

A comprehensive solution

ProSpend (formerly expensemanager) is a comprehensive OCR enabled software application that we have used to automate and make paperless our purchase to approval process. Implementation from kick-off to go live was fast and easy, and we felt well supported through the whole process by the Australian based team.

Key consideration

A key consideration for us was integration capability with our MYOB Advanced ERP solution.  ProSpend is a certified add-on to MYOB Advanced, and the integration process is so easy, and enables us to seamlessly go direct to source and approval via hyperlink within our ERP.

ProSpend enables us to:-

  • Automate and make paperless our invoice processing, purchase orders, mileage claims and reimbursements
  • Have FBT tracking
  • Have a streamlined approval workflows
  • Optimise business process timelines.

Easy to use

ProSpend makes it easy for our staff to submit and approve invoices and claims from any location and makes complex workflows simpler.  It assists us to more efficiently administer corporate purchasing cards with an automated live feed, and the use of the mobile application makes it easy for our staff to capture and code documentation on the go.

Customisation was available

The customisation and automation features have streamlined our business processes, increased transparency, reduced bottlenecks by use of task completion reminders, and enables our finance team to easily keep track of approvals, redirect approvals, and make corrections if needed.

The team at ProSpend (formerly expensemanager) and our dedicated implementation consultant developed a full understanding of our requirements and worked with us to further customise the user selections to the particular requirements of our site to make using ProSpend even faster and easier for our staff.

We certainly have found expensemanager (now ProSpend) to be a significantly more efficient and effective approach to our purchasing and expense processing and has proven to be well worth the investment.

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