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London Taxis In Sydney

Sydney will be home to 200 London Taxis by the end of the year. With the launch of the London Taxis, here is what you need to know.

Catch a ride with Rydo

We’re thrilled to be a partner with Australia’s newest app, Rydo and delivering digital taxi receipts for our users, but now our users can do in in STYLE in a London Cab!

Thanks to Rydo, Sydney will be home to 200 London Taxis by the end of the year. And to celebrate the launch of the London Taxis onto our fair Sydney streets, all fares will be FREE this Friday within the city limits between 12:30 and 2:30! As well as celebrating their launch with a bunch of freebies for all, there is also going to be a cavalcade of the famous black taxis taking over Sydney streets en masse. Starting at Circular Quay, they’ll drive up Pitt Street, turn onto King Street, then Elizabeth Street, and head all the way down Kent Street, before doing it all over again! So if you’re nearby, give them a wave.

For more info on the London cabs.

What makes a London taxi ride so cool

The London Taxi vehicle is the only purpose-built taxi vehicle in the world today. They are built at the original London Taxi Company factory in Coventry, England. They aren’t standard passenger cars that have been adapted, they are purpose built for the job.

Over the last 100 years (yes that far back) the London taxi has been refining what works for passengers and drivers. Their current taxi is the pinnacle of well researched taxi experience.

Booking a London Cab

They are like any other taxi. You can hail them in the street (as long as the yellow light is on), they respond to waving hands, salutes, whistles, and any manner of hailing preferences!

If you would like to book, or pre-book a London Taxi then head over to our booking app, Rydo, to download it and book away.

Taxi Tip: You can jump in any car at a taxi rank, you don’t have to take the one at the front!

How do I get digital taxi receipts

Download the Rydo app and create a profile using the same email address you have in ProSpend.

1. Book a cab using the Rydo app
2. Pay
3. Your taxi receipt turns up in ProSpend – it’s that easy

The Rydo app is serviced by the GM Cabs network of 20,000+ reliable drivers Australia wide. Exclusive to ProSpend users -$20 fare discount for each user who signs up to Digital Receipts using our promo code.

Contact us today and we can arrange to have digital receipts enabled for your users.

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