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Smarter Access to ProSpend

27 Feb 2022

Accessing ProSpend is now simpler and more efficient for all users, regardless of whether they visit via a desktop or mobile device.

What's Changed?

Previously, users had to add the /login.go or /m.go extension to their company's unique URL in order to access ProSpend across devices. Now, our system automatically detects the device and directs users accordingly. If you use a smartphone, you will be seamlessly directed to the mobile site.

Onboarding Made Easy

Companies can now onboard new users by simply providing them with a single URL. No more device-specific extensions—just one URL for easy access to ProSpend.


Single Profile Access for Prospend Users

24 Jan 2017

ProSpend users can now access the platform with a single profile and one sign-in, regardless of their role. With this update, users only need ONE login to manage their tasks, whether they are an approver, payer, or administrator. This streamlined approach ensures a seamless experience, providing a unified view of claims, approvals, and any other areas they have access to within ProSpend.

Benefits of Single Profile Access

One Sign-In: Enjoy the convenience of a single login, eliminating the need for multiple accounts.

Desktop and Mobile Access: Enjoy the convenience of managing your tasks from any device.

User Management for Administrators: Easily create and manage users with the option to select and assign access roles, ensuring they have the appropriate permissions within ProSpend.


More Features For Supplier Invoices

20 Aug 2016

Discover how ProSpend's new features simplify supplier management, allowing you to efficiently handle new suppliers and invoices for a seamless AP process.

Managing New Suppliers Made Easy

With ProSpend's new features, handling new suppliers has never been easier. When an invoice is received in ProSpend and the system can’t match the supplier, the claimant is automatically prompted to either search for or request the new supplier to be set up. This action temporarily holds the supplier payment, as the Accounts Payable (A/P) team is prompted to create the new supplier profile.

Once the supplier has been created, the claimant will be promptly notified, and the supplier payment status will be unlocked to allow for submission and approval.

DUPLICATE INVOICE CHECK: ProSpend automatically checks if a supplier invoice has been previously claimed. If a duplicate is detected, the claimant is immediately notified, and the supplier request associated with the duplicate invoice is marked as invalid, preventing any potential double payments.


Personal Credit Card Import

15 Mar 2016

ProSpend's latest feature now streamlines employee reimbursement by automatically importing personal card transactions into expense lines.

Do your employees use personal cards for expenses and then seek reimbursement? Our newest feature is designed to make their process seamless and efficient!

Simplify Expense Reimbursement

With this feature, employees can import their personal card transactions directly into a ProSpend claim, and we'll automatically generate the expense lines for them. This not only simplifies claim creation but also accelerates the entire reimbursement process, ensuring your company stays on top of expense management.

Now, their reimbursement claim includes all transactions from their personal card, and they can easily update the expense lines with other relevant information. If they use our mobile app for receipt capture, we'll even match the receipts for them!

This feature will be available starting this Friday, 20th of May, with comprehensive 'how-to' details accessible to your employees via Quick Start User help on their homepage.


New ProSpend Updates for Seamless Expense Management

25 Feb 2016

Ushering in the New Year with exciting new features designed to elevate user satisfaction for claimants and empower A/P teams with innovative new features:

Review and Return

In addition to our standard ‘Reject by Payer’ workflow, we now offer a convenient 'Returned for Review' option. This streamlined workflow allows claimants to edit fields (except for the amount), which allows for a claim to be updated and returned directly to the payer, eliminating the need for re-approval. You can activate this option instead of the usual Reject workflow or use it in tandem.

Flexible Activity Codes

We have revamped our Activity Codes to provide greater flexibility.

These new features are now live and available for you to use.


ProSpend Upgrades: Sleek Design, Enhanced Features

7 Feb 2016

Welcome to a new and improved ProSpend experience! Now featuring a sleek, user-friendly interface, a refreshed colour scheme, and simplified expense entry for a seamless user experience.

Fresh New Look

Our expense manager software is renowned for its simple, easy-to-use interface, without cluttered screens or confusing windows. With our latest update, ProSpend now also boasts a fresh colour scheme and a simplified expense entry screen. The updated user portal now features a refreshed dashboard displaying the number of claims and their progress.

Easier Expense Creation

We've reorganised the expense entry fields for a more intuitive experience, with the "Has Receipt" field now appearing first to simplify the process further.

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