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Know more about Baskin-Robbins journey with ProSpend, and how ProSpend helps them better manage their business spend.


Baskin-Robbins provides its guests with innovative, premium hard scoop ice cream, a full range of beverages and a delicious lineup of desserts. With the ability to also create custom ice cream cakes to suit any occasion. Baskin-Robbins is committed to providing high-quality and great value to consumers across Australia, through its 82 retail stores.

ProSpend Founder and CEO, Sharon Nouh, caught up with Aanand Raghunathan, Senior Management Accountant & Gaurav Sharma, Head of Commercial & Food Service (formerly Head of Finance), to talk about their journey and experience with ProSpend. 

Watch the video to know more about Baskin-Robbins journey with ProSpend, and how ProSpend helps them better manage their business spend. 

ProSpend (formerly expensemanager), is delighted to be working with a brand like Baskin-Robbins who are a household name, not just in Australia but world wide. And we are always happy to talk to the different people in their organisation that use our product and know more about the challenges we help them overcome. 

Thank you Aanand and Gaurav, it was a pleasure to chat with you and get a deeper insight into our customer's needs, challenges and the solutions that help them better manage their business spend. We're glad we're able to help you and your team be more proactive about your business spend management and we hope to continue being your long term partner. 

A lot has happened here at ProSpend since Baskin-Robbins became one of our clients. We recently changed our brand name to ProSpend to reflect the evolution of our product from a
single expense tool to now a complete business spend management platform. We have also launched our virtual cards module that allows our customers to have the convenience, flexibility and control of their spend in a truly digital environment.

We love working with companies like Baskin-Robbins who are innovative and we resonate and align
with one of their principles – thrive and flow with change!

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