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Greg Browne, AP Manager Hollard, talks of his experience with spend management, the benefits of automation, and the advantages of being a ProSpend customer

Hollard is a global financial services provider with operations in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Europe, India and China.

ProSpend Founder and CEO, Sharon Nouh, met Greg Browne, AP Manager at Hollard to talk about Hollard's experience as a ProSpend customer. From when and why they started their ProSpend journey, what features are most loved by the team at Hollard, how they benefit from it and what excites them about the future at Hollard and ProSpend. 

Watch the video to know more about Greg Browne and Hollard's journey with ProSpend

At ProSpend, we love working with other innovative companies like the Hollard Group and we look forward to working alongside them in the years to come.

Thank you Greg, it was a pleasure to chat with you and get a deeper insight into our customer's needs, challenges and the solutions that help them better manage their business spend. We're glad we're able to help you and your team be more proactive about spend management and we hope to continue being your long term partner. 

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