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Sharing Services & Digital Receipts Shake Up Corporate Travel

Corporate travel transforms with Uber and B2B tech. Discover how technology makes it mark on the travel and expense management space.

The corporate travel market has changed dramatically in the past decade, and the pace of change is not slowing as disruptive sharing services like Uber grow in popularity and new B2B and payment technology makes it mark on the travel and expense management space.

It’s clear that traveling employees are quick to embrace travel booking apps that cut out some of the planning and back-and-forth involved in booking a service ahead of time from a traditional vendor. Services like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, and HotelTonight allow corporate travelers much more freedom to adjust their schedules on the fly. It’s likely that car rental companies will begin to step up their offerings in terms of mobile features and the ability to make last-minute reservations.

And it’s this same receptive attitude by corporate travelers to mobile-friendly technology with a high convenience factor that is driving interest in digital receipt data.

Our own research reveals that even though our users love the convenience of using our mobile app to take a photo of their receipt with smart matching to their expense, they are really excited about not even having to do this task – No surprises there!

Our latest offering will allow users to get their receipts directly from the merchant (e.g. their travel provider (TMC) or taxi company) directly to their expense report. Getting that receipt direct from the merchant is not only the most seamless and touch free option, it also means that we get enriched data from that digital receipt than is often not included in the corporate card data feeds. Simple, seamless and enriched data!

As a solution provider aimed at small to middle market companies, we are seeing great growth because of our affordability, our mobile functionalities, invoice automation and now digital receipts. This new offering is another great value add that companies get from adopting our leading edge expense and invoice automation software.

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