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virtual cards

Virtual Cards Benefits & Industry-Specific Use Cases

With the rise of digital transactions, virtual cards have emerged as a frontrunner in modern payment solutions, offering businesses a myriad of...

virtual cards

What is a virtual card?

Virtual cards are a revolutionary spend management solution giving businesses tight control over employee spending. Learn more with ProSpend.

The Role Of Automation During A Recession

The COVID-19 pandemic tested business leaders. Post-pandemic, let's look at how a new normal emerged, reshaping work, shopping, travel, and more.

The Role Of The CFO Is Evolving

Explore the evolving role of CFOs, from working on traditional finance functions to visionary & strategic business partners in today's dynamic...

Virtual Cards

What is a virtual card? Learn more about virtual cards and their advantages over physical cards.

Is Fraud Prevention Really A Necessary Evil?

Discover the role of fraud prevention in safeguarding your business. Learn how to mitigate risks posed by external and internal parties with...

Post Pandemic Resurgence Of EInvoicing

Post-pandemic, the once overlooked eInvoicing gains momentum in Australia. Discover why it is now recognized for digital efficiency and business...

EInvoicing – EDI On Steroids

Dive into eInvoicing happening via ATO-supported Peppol network in ANZ. Explore its benefits and its role in hyper-automation with ProSpend.

What KFC, Billini Shoes, Judo Bank And Others Looked For In A Business Spend Management Solution

The fundamental requirements of KFC, Billini Shoes and Judo Bank in a spend management solution

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