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virtual cards

Foreseeing a Virtual Future With Virtual Debit Cards

With the prevalence of digital transactions, it's not hard to imagine a virtual future. Let's embrace the future of payments with virtual debit cards.

Expense Reconciliation: Meaning, Process and Benefits

Expense reconciliation verifies and matches a company's financial records against statements to ensure accuracy and consistency. Read more here.

A Quick Guide on How to Improve Accounts Payable Processes

With all the transactions a company must handle, it's essential to know how to improve accounts payable processes. Let's discuss some AP best...

Industry Focus: Finance in the Manufacturing Industry

Incorporating automation to finance in the manufacturing industry makes it easier to drive growth. With automation, you navigate challenges more...

How to Reimburse Employees for Travel Expenses

If you have employees who travel for work, you must know how to reimburse employees for travel expenses. Don’t worry–it’s not as tedious as you think.

Do You Need AP Automation Software for a Small Business?

If you're a small business owner, you probably wonder if you need AP automation software for a small business. Quick answer: It varies. Learn more...

The Hidden Cost Of Travel. And How Travel Manager Can Reign It In

Despite the popularity of online meetings, for most companies there’s still the need for staff to be hitting the road. But what hidden costs are...

Industry Focus: Finance Automation in the Hospitality Industry

Finance automation in the hospitality industry makes it easier for managers to handle operations and make decisions. Let's talk about it in this blog.

Industry Focus: Healthcare Finance Management

Healthcare finance management requires automation to streamline financial tasks. Learn about automation shaping the future of healthcare in this blog.

ProSpend Physical Card: Quick & reliable payments when you need to tap

Give your employees ProSpend physical cards with built-in spend control and security features.

Are Finance Jobs at Risk of Automation?

Are finance jobs at risk of automation? With what automation can do, this concern is valid. But you don't have to lose your job over it. Read more...

Industry Focus: Financial Management in Construction

Financial management in construction allows your company to budget accurately, reduce costs and meet objectives, among others. Learn more about it...

travel manager

Frustrated With Manual Receipts for Travel and Expense Management?

If you constantly find yourself frustrated with manual receipts for travel and expense management, it's high time you switch to an automated platform.

accounts payable

How an Accounts Payable Software Drives Success

Discover how an accounts payable software can streamline your processes, reduce manual errors and most of all, drive success.

Changing the Game With Finance Process Automation

Explore how finance process automation is reshaping efficiency, ensuring compliance and enabling faster, data-driven decision-making.

virtual cards

How to Use a Virtual Card: Steps, Tips and Reminders

Unlock a safer and smarter way to manage your digital payments by learning how to use a virtual card.

Unlocking Financial Efficiency Through Automation

Discover how automation can unlock financial efficiency by streamlining processes, enhancing accuracy and providing real-time insights for your...

How to Make Managing Expenses Easier for Real Estate Agents

With the growth of the real estate industry, agents need expense management now more than ever to help with managing expenses. Read more here.

How Seamless Employee Reimbursements Boost Productivity

There are many factors in keeping employees happy, but let's zoom in on how seamless employee reimbursements contribute to employee satisfaction.

Managing Membership Organisations: Expense Features You Need

Aside from loyal members, membership organisations also need effective expense management to stay financially fit. Check out these features you need.

Retail Management: How ProSpend Expense Management Can Help

Retail management is not just about making sales. It's also about managing retail expenses to make sure that the company's finances are on the right...

The Year Ahead: 7 Finance Best Practices for 2024 and Beyond

Wondering what finance best practices you should apply to achieve your business goals for the new year? We list them down here!

Business Spend Management

Future-Proof Your Finances: 9 Finance Automation Use Cases

Did you know that you can future-proof your finances with automation? Explore the key use cases for finance automation in this blog.

Plan Your Financial Roadmap: 9 Tips for Financial Management

Effective financial management will likely lead your business to financial success. Plan your financial roadmap with these 9 money management tips.

Business Spend Management

Spend Management vs Expense Management - What's the Difference?

How do you differentiate business spend management vs expense management? What are their components? Read this blog to find out.

virtual cards

Virtual Cards Benefits & Industry-Specific Use Cases

With the rise of digital transactions, virtual cards have emerged as a frontrunner in modern payment solutions, offering businesses a myriad of...

expense manager

5 Tips for Seamless Business Travel Expense Management

It’s essential for companies to manage business travel expenses. While it may sound like a lot, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Check out these 5...

virtual cards

Drinking Our Own Champagne: A Tale of Virtual Cards and Real Solutions

From a compromised corporate card to a streamlined, secure, and efficient payment system - here’s ProSpend's own Virtual Cards journey.

expense manager

Education Orgs and Finances: How Expense Management Can Help

Expense management software allows education organisations to easily track and categorise their finances. Learn more.

Advantages of Streamlining Expense Management

Discover how streamlining expense management can revolutionise operations. Explore the advantages of streamlining in this blog.

All About 3-Way Matching: Meaning, Features and FAQs

Enhanced accuracy in invoice processing, reduced risk of overpayments and fraud - learn all about 3-way matching.


Maximise Your NFP's Community Impact With Accurate Expense Reporting

NFPs can maximise community impact by transforming operations to simplify grant management, get more funding and streamline other financial processes.

Don’t Get Spent! 5 Ways to Manage Spend With Automation

It can be tedious to work on manual processes every time. Don't allow yourself to get spent! Let's talk about how you can manage spend with...

8 Features Your Education Org Needs for Expense Management

Just like a corporate business, your education org needs certain app features for effective expense management. Discover the features for your org...

Streamline Financial Operations with 2-Way or 3-Way Invoice Matching

The main difference between 2-way and 3-way invoice matching is the number of documents involved in the matching process. But, there's more to it!


5 Tips to Effectively Manage Volunteer Expenses for NFP

Having people volunteering for your NFP entails volunteer expenses that you must reimburse. Here are some tips to effectively manage these expenses.

Aged Care

4 Expense Management Essentials for Aged Care Organisation

As more and more people seek aged care services, aged care organisations must be sure that their finances are handled well through expense...


Get eInvoicing Ready: Exploring Australia's Digital Transformation

I am deeply interested in learning more about eInvoicing and its adoption across Australia. Are you and your trading partners eInvoicing ready?

expense manager

Expense Claims: 5 Ways to Avoid Inappropriate Spending

Spending too much money on company expenses is a problem, but on inappropriate expenses? Unacceptable! Here are tips to avoid inappropriate spending.

Business Spend Management

Small Funds, Big Impact: Responsible Petty Cash Practices for NFPs

For NFPs, where every dollar holds the promise of positive change, even the smallest amount exerts substantial influence - Let's talk petty cash!

Why modern CFOs are choosing Virtual Cards for their organisation

Discover why an increasing number of companies, and CFOs are choosing to switch to virtual cards as a secure, and efficient solution.

Business Spend Management

Beyond Loose Change: Effective Petty Cash Management for NFPs

Proper management of petty cash ensures that funds are used judiciously, transparently, and in line with an NFPs mission and financial policies.

virtual cards

Be the Hero! The reasons to switch to Virtual Cards

It's 2023! Ditch the old way of having your people fund your business expenses. Be the hero who makes that change today, with Virtual Cards.

How Automation Is Changing the Workplace

Gone are the days when we had to rely on manual work for every task. Owing to automation in the workplace, we can now get the job done more...

Business Spend Management

ProSpend, Comprehensive Alternative to FlexiPurchase

In this post, we'll explore why ProSpend is a comprehensive alternative to FlexiPurchase and how it helps elevate your expense management practices.

Accounts Payable Challenges & Tips for Efficient Processing

There can be many accounts payable challenges, but we can resolve them with some effective finance solutions. Let’s explore them in this blog.

7 Best Practices in Expense Management

Expense management best practices can enhance efficiency, reduce fraud and streamline processes. Check out these 7 best practices that we recommend.

virtual cards

How Virtual Cards Protect You Against Fraud

More and more businesses are digitally transforming their finance processes with Virtual Cards. Let's explore how virtual cards help reduce fraud.

accounts payable

Accounts Payable vs Accounts Receivable: A Quick Guide

Explore the difference between accounts payable and accounts receivable and manage your company’s cash flow efficiently.

Business Spend Management

How much SaaS licensing is being unused in your business?

3 tips on how a business spend management tool in your organization can help find opportunities from your current SaaS licensing spend and drive...

Exploring Manual vs Automated Expense Reporting in Spend Management

In spend management, manual and automated expense reporting may have the same goal, but their means are totally different. Let’s explore them here.

virtual cards

Exploring the Benefits & Use Cases of Virtual Cards in Today's Business Landscape

Elevate your business with virtual cards. Discover their benefits, industry use cases, and ProSpend's solution for seamless financial operations.

How to Transition to Invoice Automation for Improved Efficiency

Learn how to streamline your accounts payable with ProSpend's guide to transitioning to invoice automation. Boost efficiency, save time, and reduce...

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)

What Is Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT): Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important for both employers and employees to understand what is fringe benefits tax (FBT). Read about it in this blog.

accounts payable

Streamlining Your Accounts Payable Process: The Power of Automation

Optimise your accounts payable process with automation. Boost productivity, reduce manual tasks and experience seamless financial operations.

expense manager

Expense Management: From Spreadsheets to Expense Software

A spreadsheet may do a lot, but it can only do so much. An expense software can do more than spreadsheets can, making expense management easier.

virtual cards

Physical to Virtual: How Virtual Cards Are Revolutionising the Payment Landscape

Upgrade your payment processes with ProSpend's virtual cards. Discover the benefits of enhanced security, control and convenience.

expense manager

10 Key Features Your Expense Management Software Must Offer

While certain skills will always be helpful in managing expenses, 10 key features can be done to make expense management simpler and more convenient.

expense manager

5 Ways to Simplify Business Expense Management

While certain skills will always be helpful in managing expenses, certain actions can be done to make expense management simpler and more convenient.

accounts payable

7 Essential Tips to Manage Your Accounts Payable

Learn about the importance of managing your business's accounts payable process, the risks of not doing so, and tips for effective AP management.

virtual cards

The Difference Between Physical Cards and Virtual Cards - ProSpend

A physical card and a virtual card may have similar functions, but they also have notable differences. Learn about them in this blog.

virtual cards

What is a virtual card?

Virtual cards are a revolutionary spend management solution giving businesses tight control over employee spending. Learn more with ProSpend.

expense manager

Role of Expense Management in Maximising Business Profitability [Tips & Tricks]

Discover the importance of categorising and tracking your business expenses, and learn how ProSpend can streamline your expense tracking process.

virtual cards

Your Complete Guide to Virtual Cards: Pros, Cons and More

Physical cards may be in one’s comfort zone, but virtual cards have proven to be safer and more convenient. Learn more about virtual cards.

expense manager

Advantages of Expense Management Systems

Understanding the importance of expense management systems for businesses and learn how ProSpend meets all your business expense management needs.

Proactive Spend Management With Budgets

Expense management & AP Automation are crucial for running a business. Ensure you take these 3 key expense management tips into 2021.

Travel Manager: Customisable Solution for Travel Expenses

Boost efficiency with ProSpend's Travel Manager. Streamline claims and ensure accurate data with an automated reconciliation process.

The Role Of Automation During A Recession

The COVID-19 pandemic tested business leaders. Post-pandemic, let's look at how a new normal emerged, reshaping work, shopping, travel, and more.

The Role Of The CFO Is Evolving

Explore the evolving role of CFOs, from working on traditional finance functions to visionary & strategic business partners in today's dynamic...

What Are Virtual Cards?

What is a virtual card? Learn more about virtual cards and their advantages over physical cards.

Is Fraud Prevention Really A Necessary Evil?

Discover the role of fraud prevention in safeguarding your business. Learn how to mitigate risks posed by external and internal parties with...

Post Pandemic Resurgence Of EInvoicing

Post-pandemic, the once overlooked eInvoicing gains momentum in Australia. Discover why it is now recognized for digital efficiency and business...

EInvoicing – EDI On Steroids

Dive into eInvoicing happening via ATO-supported Peppol network in ANZ. Explore its benefits and its role in hyper-automation with ProSpend.

Proactive Spend Management With Budgets

Learn how to proactively control spending, automate processes, and foster a productive spend culture with ProSpend.

What KFC, Billini Shoes, Judo Bank And Others Looked For In A Business Spend Management Solution

The fundamental requirements of KFC, Billini Shoes and Judo Bank in a spend management solution

AI Automates Expenses, But What Happens When AI Fails?

AI eases the burden of manual processes that exist within expense management and accounts payable. But what happens when it fails?

ProSpend Updates

Stay updated with the latest ProSpend updates, news and announcements.

Invoice Fraud: Understand, Detect & Prevent

Invoice Fraud is a payment request received by your organisation to pay a fraudulent invoice that may be disguised as legitimate.

Key Trends That Will Shape Digital Transformation In 2022

Digital transformation is the process in which uses technology to enhance existing or create new processes and both client and staff experiences.

We Have Moved, But Why?

We have moved! Usually, when organisations grow, they will tend to look at moving resources away from Australia. We stand strong by being local.

Digitalisation Reigns As A Top Priority For CFOs In 2021

Digitalisation reigns as a top priority amongst CFOs as 82% understand that digitalisation does not only protect value but help grow value.

Importance Of Measuring Accounts Payable Performance

Accounts Payable (AP), is commonly overlooked when measuring performance. However when done correctly, can provide many benefits.

4 Key Accounts Payable Metrics You Need To Measure

Let us take you through some crucial Accounts Payable metrics which businesses can use to measure overall performance and success.

Reckon Launches Deadly Digits Platform To Provide Digital Edge For Queensland’s Indigenous Businesses

QLD Indigenous businesses receive a management edge with Deadly Digits provided by Reckon, integrating into ProSpend.

ProSpend Partners With Wiise ERP, Delivering Seamless Integration To Support Local Businesses.

ProSpend and Wiise partners to help streamline accounts payable processes, supplier payments, invoices & expenses for SME businesses.

Strategise Your Accounts Payable For Success

Accounts Payable is a crucial part of running a successful business. We give you key tips and insights to ensure you are set up for success.

ProSpend 2021 Updates: Navigating Challenges, Embracing Achievements

Our CEO, Sharon Nouh, welcomes the new year with 2021 updates for ProSpend while reflecting on the past year’s challenges and remarkable...

Why Is AP Automation On The Rise In Australia?

ProSpend discusses why AP Automation is on the rise. From purchase orders, to supplier invoices, right through to approvals and ...

ProSpend Delivers Seamless Integration With Sage Intacct To Accelerate AP Automation

ProSpend works with Sage to be the first local Australian partner to offer cloud expense management on Sage Intacct Marketplace.

FBT On Meal Entertainment: Actual Method vs 50/50 Method

What’s the best way to calculate Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) on meal entertainment? Check our FBT guide for employers & compare the FBT actual method vs...

Change Management

Proper change management ensures smooth software implementation. Here are some points to consider before choosing and implementing new software

COVID-19 Forcing Companies To Adapt And Abandon Manual Processes

Discover how businesses adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic, abandoning manual processes and utilising cloud-based solutions for remote work...

Reduce Costs and Deliver Processes Efficiently with Digitisation

Optimize back office functions effortlessly with digitisation solutions that ensure consistent, cost-effective data flow for informed decision-making.

Fraud Control Is More Important Than Ever

Discover essential strategies to combat the increasing invoice fraud in Australia. Explore how technology-backed AP processes can safeguard your...


How does this fit in with accounts payable processing? Learn about this top technology trend and its benefits.

A New Decade!

What will be the defining shifts shaping how businesses will use software throughout 2020? Read more to find out.

2019 In Review

Explore ProSpend's 2019 milestones, including new clients, features, premises, and growth. Let's look back on a year of noteworthy achievements &...

Uber With Digital Receipt Service

With our innovative digital receipt service, ProSpend delivers digital receipts and data to our clients for travel, taxis, cars, and even Uber trips.

2018 In Review

As 2018 draws to a close, it is a time for us at ProSpend to reflect on the year, but also an opportunity to look ahead to the coming year.

Manual Invoice Processing? The Cost And How To Fix It.

Learn about manual invoice processing, why this process so expensive, and how it can be reduced.

Which ERP System Is Right For Your Business?

Selecting a business management system is crucial. Read more to learn which ERP system is right for your business.

Smart Match Receipts

New feature: Smart Match Receipts! When your credit card statement is created, ProSpend will now search & save matching receipts to the expense...

The Advantage of Mobile Apps in Expense Reporting

Boost mobile workforce productivity with expense report software. Ditch paper forms for a seamless, app-based expense reporting experience.

2017 In Review

Let's look back through 2017---an exciting year of growth with new clients, new features and technology and new business partners.

London Taxis In Sydney

Sydney will be home to 200 London Taxis by the end of the year. With the launch of the London Taxis, here is what you need to know.

Why Did We Do It?

Why did we choose to have a mobile responsive site for mobile access to ProSpend rather than a mobile app? Read on to find out.

ProSpend Joins With MYOB

The innovative Australian cloud expense and invoice management software provider announced today they now integrate directly to MYOB Advanced.

New Purchase Order Module

ProSpend introduces the Purchase Order Module, streamlining organizations' procure-to-payment process in an affordable, paper-free platform.

Sharing Services & Digital Receipts Shake Up Corporate Travel

Corporate travel transforms with Uber and B2B tech. Discover how technology makes it mark on the travel and expense management space.

New Features Roundup

Last year, we introduced automated supplier payments and our mobile app. Learn more about the new features we're adding this year for enhanced...

Paper Free Invoices – Is This Achievable For SME’s?

Discover how ProSpend leads the way in exploring the path to a paper-free future with insights on tailored technology for efficient eInvoicing.

AP Automation And Why Is It Important?

AP Automation is much more beyond the paper-free aspect. Designed for the Australian SME market, AP Automation makes invoices a breeze.

Expense Manager Introduces Smart Matching For Easy Receipt Management

Easy Receipt Management is here. Receipt management is no longer the most time-consuming part of the expense claim reimbursement process.

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