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Business Spend Management

Future-Proof Your Finances: 9 Finance Automation Use Cases

Did you know that you can future-proof your finances with automation? Explore the key use cases for finance automation in this blog.

Business Spend Management

Spend Management vs Expense Management - What's the Difference?

How do you differentiate business spend management vs expense management? What are their components? Read this blog to find out.

Business Spend Management

Small Funds, Big Impact: Responsible Petty Cash Practices for NFPs

For NFPs, where every dollar holds the promise of positive change, even the smallest amount exerts substantial influence - Let's talk petty cash!

Business Spend Management

Beyond Loose Change: Effective Petty Cash Management for NFPs

Proper management of petty cash ensures that funds are used judiciously, transparently, and in line with an NFPs mission and financial policies.

Business Spend Management

ProSpend, Comprehensive Alternative to FlexiPurchase

In this post, we'll explore why ProSpend is a comprehensive alternative to FlexiPurchase and how it helps elevate your expense management practices.

Business Spend Management

How much SaaS licensing is being unused in your business?

3 tips on how a business spend management tool in your organization can help find opportunities from your current SaaS licensing spend and drive...

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