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The Advantage of Mobile Apps in Expense Reporting

Boost mobile workforce productivity with expense report software. Ditch paper forms for a seamless, app-based expense reporting experience.

In today’s mobile workforce businesses need mobile tools to keep their staff productive both in and out of the office and happy. Try telling an employee today to fill out an expense form and keep paper receipts, and you will most likely hear… Where’s my app?

Expense report software not only makes this process mobile and therefore quicker and easier for frontline staff to create reports and capture receipts, but integration with MYOB also ensures workflow efficiencies for finance staff as well.

Here are the top 3 benefits companies gain from using the ProSpend application:

Simpler to submit on time

Employees with a mobile device and an app don’t have to bother toting a paper folder or envelope around to hold their dog-eared receipts. They can track their expenses while they’re travelling, as they go — they don’t have to wait until they’re back at the office when the last thing they want to do is enter expenses into a spreadsheet and staple receipts together. They can create, edit, submit and approve expense reports from anywhere, at any time, right on their mobile device. This also means they’re reimbursed faster.

More accurate

Those dog-eared paper receipts can get lost — and the longer they ’re carried around, the harder they are to read. But when your staff use ProSpend to take a picture of a receipt and quickly link it to an expense item, the expense is clearly and accurately documented. The same applies to credit card expenses with our automated credit card data feed that creates the expense report for them with smart coding and receipt matching, and it significantly reduces errors.

Easier to administer and paper free

There’s no doubt the benefits that front-line staff get with mobile expense reporting, but this extends just as much to the finance function of expense reporting, and often the most measurable benefits of expense automation are seen on the back-end.

The most obvious benefit is that paper is eliminated entirely from the process, with users being able to snap a photo of their receipt and create a report online. Not only does this cut out huge swathes of time in manually entering data for finance teams and filing small pieces of paper it also significantly improves the accuracy. Once reports are approved, the expense data can be sent to MYOB eliminating any data entry errors.

Improved and real-time reporting allows finance teams and business managers to make more informed decisions on their organisations’ spend, and this can be used to help drive down costs. A much better use of an organisation’s key staff than pushing paper around and manual data entry

In today’s fast-paced world, it just makes sense for an organization to use a mobile and automated business tool like ProSpend.

Want more info? Learn more about going mobile with expense reports with the ProSpend app.

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