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Is Fraud Prevention Really A Necessary Evil?

Discover the role of fraud prevention in safeguarding your business. Learn how to mitigate risks posed by external and internal parties with...

Post Pandemic Resurgence Of EInvoicing

Post-pandemic, the once overlooked eInvoicing gains momentum in Australia. Discover why it is now recognized for digital efficiency and business...

EInvoicing – EDI On Steroids

Dive into eInvoicing happening via ATO-supported Peppol network in ANZ. Explore its benefits and its role in hyper-automation with ProSpend.

Proactive Spend Management With Budgets

Learn how to proactively control spending, automate processes, and foster a productive spend culture with ProSpend.

What KFC, Billini Shoes, Judo Bank And Others Looked For In A Business Spend Management Solution

The fundamental requirements of KFC, Billini Shoes and Judo Bank in a spend management solution

AI Automates Expenses, But What Happens When AI Fails?

AI eases the burden of manual processes that exist within expense management and accounts payable. But what happens when it fails?

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Invoice Fraud: Understand, Detect & Prevent

Invoice Fraud is a payment request received by your organisation to pay a fraudulent invoice that may be disguised as legitimate.

Key Trends That Will Shape Digital Transformation In 2022

Digital transformation is the process in which uses technology to enhance existing or create new processes and both client and staff experiences.

We Have Moved, But Why?

We have moved! Usually, when organisations grow, they will tend to look at moving resources away from Australia. We stand strong by being local.

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