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virtual cards

The Difference Between Physical Cards and Virtual Cards - ProSpend

A physical card and a virtual card may have similar functions, but they also have notable differences. Learn about them in this blog.

virtual cards

What is a virtual card?

Virtual cards are a revolutionary spend management solution giving businesses tight control over employee spending. Learn more with ProSpend.

expense manager

Role of Expense Management in Maximising Business Profitability [Tips & Tricks]

Discover the importance of categorising and tracking your business expenses, and learn how ProSpend can streamline your expense tracking process.

virtual cards

Your Complete Guide to Virtual Cards: Pros, Cons and More

Physical cards may be in one’s comfort zone, but virtual cards have proven to be safer and more convenient. Learn more about virtual cards.

expense manager

Advantages of Expense Management Systems

Understanding the importance of expense management systems for businesses and learn how ProSpend meets all your business expense management needs.

Proactive Spend Management With Budgets

Expense management & AP Automation are crucial for running a business. Ensure you take these 3 key expense management tips into 2021.

Travel Manager: Customisable Solution for Travel Expenses

Boost efficiency with ProSpend's Travel Manager. Streamline claims and ensure accurate data with an automated reconciliation process.

The Role Of Automation During A Recession

The COVID-19 pandemic tested business leaders. Post-pandemic, let's look at how a new normal emerged, reshaping work, shopping, travel, and more.

The Role Of The CFO Is Evolving

Explore the evolving role of CFOs, from working on traditional finance functions to visionary & strategic business partners in today's dynamic...

What Are Virtual Cards?

What is a virtual card? Learn more about virtual cards and their advantages over physical cards.

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