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Personal Credit Card Import

If your employees are using a personal card for their expenses and submitting a reimbursement then this latest feature will be ‘music to their ears’!...

New Features Roundup

Last year we introduced automated supplier payments and our mobile app but the good stuff didn’t stop there, we’ve been busy this year all ready and...

New Year, New Features

New Year, new features. Not only do we want to keep our busy claimants happy with new features, we’ve released some new features for the hard working...

New Look, New Features

FRESH NEW LOOK – A key feature of the expensemanager product is our simple, easy to use interface, no cluttered screens or multiple confusing...

AP Automation And Why Is It Important?

AP Automation is much more beyond the paper-free aspect. Designed for the Australian SME market, AP Automation makes invoices a breeze.

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