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Change Management

Proper change management ensures smooth software implementation. Here are some points to consider before choosing and implementing new software

COVID-19 Forcing Companies To Adapt And Abandon Manual Processes

Discover how businesses adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic, abandoning manual processes and utilising cloud-based solutions for remote work...

Reduce Costs and Deliver Processes Efficiently with Digitisation

Optimize back office functions effortlessly with digitisation solutions that ensure consistent, cost-effective data flow for informed decision-making.

Fraud Control Is More Important Than Ever

Discover essential strategies to combat the increasing invoice fraud in Australia. Explore how technology-backed AP processes can safeguard your...


How does this fit in with accounts payable processing? Learn about this top technology trend and its benefits.

A New Decade!

What will be the defining shifts shaping how businesses will use software throughout 2020? Read more to find out.

2019 In Review

Explore ProSpend's 2019 milestones, including new clients, features, premises, and growth. Let's look back on a year of noteworthy achievements &...

Uber With Digital Receipt Service

With our innovative digital receipt service, ProSpend delivers digital receipts and data to our clients for travel, taxis, cars, and even Uber trips.

2018 In Review

As 2018 draws to a close, it is a time for us at ProSpend to reflect on the year, but also an opportunity to look ahead to the coming year.

Manual Invoice Processing? The Cost And How To Fix It.

Learn about manual invoice processing, why this process so expensive, and how it can be reduced.

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